Brand: Weven Design

Mai & Naz from Weven Design have a mission: to develop a fair, ethical and hip fashion brand that empowers women, supports communities and treats the planet with care and respect. Weven Design originated during the lockdown, a time when Mai and Naz realized that many aspects of the current fashion industry are not in order. Now they themselves contribute to the transformation of the fashion industry with graphic patterns and cheerful ruffles.

Fair trade: the bags are made in the studio of Makers Unite in Amsterdam. Makers Unite is an organisation that employs newcomers with a refugee background. They make items together with companies that want to increase their social and ecological impact, such as Weven Design. The first collection was produced here, and they plan to continue the collaboration for future collections.

Environmentally friendly: the bags are made from deadstock, recycled wool and vegan silk. Weaving Design mainly buys the material online from the UK and Spain. Everything that they cannot (yet) buy as a sustainable option, such as magnets, they buy from small, local businesses to support them.

Locally produced: the items of Weven Design are made locally in the Netherlands.

Good cause: Weven Design has just started (since January 2021) and would like to support more initiatives in the future, mainly around the empowerment of women worldwide. Now they have taken the first step by opting for production with a social enterprise.

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