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HannahMaria Shanahan is an Irish-born, London-based, sustainable and luxury fashion label. My line is represented by Hannah's Irish ancestry. She now lives in one of the largest multicultural cities in the world, London. Her goal is to create a sustainable, inclusive and ethical line that anyone can adapt to freely express their own unique and beautiful style.

Ethically produced: The items are made by an independent tailor who works for HannahMaria on a freelance basis, in the English Midlands. She works at home from her own studio and organizes her own working hours. The items are made from wool from an 800-year-old wool mill in Ireland. Hannah wants to use the best quality yarn and craftsmanship, and she is lucky to find this close to home in Ireland. Sustainability, craftsmanship, quality and ethics are the main business principles of the factory.

Eco-friendly: HannahMaria works with organic and sustainably produced wool. Because the material and the production location are close to each other, the transport impact is small. The wool mill also has sheep walking around here. These are treated well and fairly, about which the spinning mill is very transparent.

Locally produced: Production is kept close to home, material in Ireland and final items in England.

Practical information:

Shipping fee: Free in the UK and Ireland, € 23,82 in the rest of Europe.

Delivery time: The products are made-to-order, so it may take 1-2 weeks for the product to be made.

Address: No physical store.