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Brand: The Driftwood Tales is a brand that started as a dream in Bali, but was brought to life in Amsterdam. It is a sustainable brand for brave people who let themselves be carried away by the flow. People who are alive, people who have stories, and people who know where they are going. It's clothes for the people who really live!

Fair Trade: The Driftwood Tales cares deeply about fair trade production. This is why they are transparent about what suppliers they work with.

A large part of their collection is produced in India. They use Chetna Organic certified cotton, which is then turned into fabrics and clothing in a factory that is Fairtrade, SA8000, and GOTS certified. They also sometimes work with a small home factory, that is sometimes supported by a larger GOTS certified factory for big orders.

The products made from linen and recycled fabrics are produced in Bali, Indonesia, where the materials are sourced. The Driftwood tales keeps a close eye on the production to ensure fair working conditions.

Environmentally Friendly: Their signature collection is made from the softest Chetna Organic certified cotton. The basic collection is made from recycled material. As their organic cotton comes from India and they produce in India they save up on carbon footprint.

Vegan: The Driftwood Tales collections are completely vegan.

Practical information

Shipping fee: Free for orders over €120.

  • €5,- in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • €7,50 in Denmark, France, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.
  • €10 in Greece, Sweden and the UK.
  • €15 in the USA and Australia.

Delivery time: 3-5 business days.

Address: No physical store

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