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The Trashious story begins with the trash can. Not the best start for a fashion label you would think... On the contrary! The global garbage mountain is a huge problem that the label is all too aware of. That's why they joined the zero-waste movement. They have started the search for a sustainable, animal-friendly and circular alternative to the current animal and synthetic leather. They found 'green' waste, such as apples, cacti and pineapples that suited their needs!

Fair trade: Trashious bags are made in Bulgaria. Every year this factory is checked by a third party for the conditions and finances. Trashious has also visited the location itself and can confirm that fair production takes place here.

Environmentally friendly: The bags are made from a vegan plastic-free alternative to leather. From innovative bio-materials such as Piñatex (pineapple leather), apple leather, wine leather, cactus leather, vegea and desserto.

Locally produced: The items are produced in Bulgaria, within Europe.

Vegan: The items are completely vegan.

Good cause: Trashious supports the organization 'Free A Girl'.

Practical information:

Shipping fee: £8.50 in the UK.

Customs Taxes and Duties: This product is shipped from the Netherlands so you might have to pay customs taxes and duties upon arrival of your package.

Delivery time: Package is offered to a delivery service within 24h and shipped with track and trace.

Address: No physical store