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Are you getting sick of broken umbrellas, cycling with an umbrella, or just fed up with the inconvenience of umbrella's in general? Then choose the Urbanella from Urban Rains! The product is made fair trade in Italy from 100% recycled material from China, which is OEKO-TEX and GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified. Even the zippers and cords are made from recycled material! The packaging is a cover of the same material, in which the product can be stored for a long time. The Urbanella is of very high quality and can last a lifetime. Urban rains is working on a closed-loop system for when someone wants to return their product. In addition, they are constantly working on a new collection that will be even more sustainable and circular with natural paint and biomaterials.

Practical information:

Shipping rate: £5,64 in the UK.

Delivery time: 2-7 business days

Address: No physical store.

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