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  • Main category: Fair trade
  • Affiliated companies adhere to the criteria of the Fair Trade textile standard.
  • Companies are being audited
  • Largest fair trade quality mark in the world

Fairtrade is the largest recognized fair trademark in the world. For the Fairtrade standard, all stages of the supply chain can become certified. The standard is only applicable in countries where freedom of association is applicable, and that all subcontractors of the company are also checked by Fairtrade. The principles on which the standard works can be subdivided into three headings:
For employees:
A living wage must be implemented within six years. The status and position of employees must be safeguarded, with the help of trade unions. Employees must be involved and be safe, which means protective clothing, proper handling of hazardous materials and building safety. The working conditions must be in accordance with Fairtrade criteria based on working hours, overtime, temporary and normal employment contracts. There must also be a complaints procedure that supports employees and training courses to teach employees about the rights they have as employees. Finally, young employees and apprenticeship programs must be supported.

For the Environment
Chemicals must be under control. There is a list of prohibited materials that pose too great a health risk.

Reliability of the standard
Fairtrade works hard to improve their auditing of companies, they do this by improving the skills of the inspectors, letting the employees be part of the control process, more frequent checks and unannounced checks. They will also look at the root cause of non-compliance with their criteria so that something can be done about it. Fairtrade tries their best to be as transparent as possible about their practises.

For more information, visit: http://www.fairtrade.net


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