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The Fair Wear Foundation is an organization that is committed to better working conditions in the process of the production of clothing, specifically the sewing, cutting and trimming processes, because according to Fair Wear these are the most labour-intensive. The Fair Wear Foundation looks at all production facilities of a brand and therefore does not work per supplier, but really brand-wide.

The Fair Wear Foundation is a membership, not a certification. Brands that are members therefore do not have to meet all the conditions, but they must continue to improve. Fair Wear knows that improving working conditions cannot be done overnight and takes a close look at all production facilities of a brand and then makes a practical plan for improving working conditions.

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Fair Trade

Animal welfare




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The Clean Clothes Campaign shows that, on average, only 0.6% of the price of a T-shirt goes to the garment worker.


The Fair Wear Foundation is only committed to better working conditions. So environmentally friendly production does not apply.

Score: 0 = N/A

Fair Trade

The standard that the Fair Wear Foundation checks for is based on the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The following points can be found in the standard:

  • There is no forced labour. No prison work either.
  • All workers have the right to form unions and bargain collectively.
  • No discrimination at work. This involves hiring, promotions, training, pension schemes, etc.
  • No child labour, which means that no children under 15 are employed, or under the minimum working age if it is above 15. Young workers (under 18) do not do hazardous work and must meet compulsory education if there is one.
  • A living wage is paid for a standard working week. No money may be withheld from wages as punishment.
  • There are normal working hours, meaning no more than 48 hours of work per week, one day off every seven days, and no more than 12 hours of overtime. Overtime should not happen too often and employees should receive a higher wage for it.
  • Clean and safe working conditions.
  • Corporal punishment, unusual punishment, sexual and other harassment by the employer is strictly prohibited.
  • There is a legally binding employment contract.

Score: 4/4 If a brand really meets all the criteria of the Fair Wear Foundation. However, this is very rarely the case. It is therefore important to take a good look at brands that are affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation to see what score they have received from the Fair Wear Foundation. Brands may only use the Fair Wear Foundation logo for promotion and on their website if they have achieved Leader status. This means that the score must be above 75, which certainly stands for good working conditions.

Animal welfare/Vegan

The Fair Wear Foundation is only committed to better working conditions for people. So vegan / animal-friendly production does not apply.

Score: 0 = N/A

Reporting and improvement

The reports of brands that are members of the Fair Wear Foundation are made public. This clearly states all points where the brand scores well or less, what the reason is for the score, and Fair Wear's advice for improving that point. Brands are obliged to continue to improve and a plan is made for this together with the brands.

Score: 4/4 There is a report, this report is completely transparent to consumers, and a plan is made for improvement.


The Fair Wear Foundation usually carries out an extensive check every year. This check is done by the Fair Wear Foundation itself.

Score: 3/4 The check is not performed by an independent third party, but the check is done periodically and very precise.

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