11 Simple Sustainable Fashion Choices That Actually Make a Difference

Giada Nizzoli

11 Simple Sustainable Fashion Choices That Actually Make a Difference

It might sound overwhelming to start ignoring that voice constantly telling us to buy more clothes without questioning how they were made.

The truth?

Implementing more sustainable fashion choices isn’t that hard!

1. Ditch the fast fashion mindset

A vicious cycle of clothing hauls to have an almost entirely new wardrobe every season isn’t sustainable. 

No wonder we produce 206.456 yearly tonnes of textile waste in the UK only!

Following the next sustainable fashion tips will be even easier if you start with this mindset shift.

While fast fashion has tricked us into conceiving our garments as disposable, start seeing them as durable and valuable.

Fashion addict before making the right sustainable fashion choices

2. Declutter your wardrobe

Together with too many fast fashion garments that we don’t actually like that much, the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma is often caused by busy closets that don’t allow you to appreciate each garment individually.

Start by decluttering it sustainably, keeping only the pieces that inspire you.

3. Repurpose the same garments

Worrying about repeat outfits is so last decade!

Wearing the same clothes more than once (and yes, even posting them on socials) is absolutely fine.

Still, if you want to spice them up, get creative by using the same garment to plan different outfits, too.

Ethical blouse to help you make more sustainable fashion choices

4. Think beyond trends when buying new clothes

Forget about ephemeral trends: when you’re a slave to this mindset, you won’t want to keep a beautiful item simply because it’s out of fashion.

Instead, create your own signature style, and only buy timeless garments that you’ll happily wear for years (why not follow the #30WearsChallenge?).

5. Look for the most sustainable fabrics

Sustainable fashion dress made with hemp

Materials play a massive role in your clothes’ environmental impact, so consider choosing the most sustainable fabrics:

6. Wash your clothes less often

From a minimum of 15-30 gallons of water to 350-500 watts and the shedding of microplastics, your seemingly innocuous load actually has a high environmental footprint.

Learn to reduce the impact of washing clothes, consider using a homemade fabric spray, and skip the tumble dryer altogether.

7. Fix them when something goes wrong

Resist the impulse of chucking a garment in the bin as soon as an accident happens!

Learn to mend it with thread and needle, use cool iron-on patches, or take it to a tailor.

8. Take care of them to make them last longer

Now that you know that clothes shouldn’t be disposable, simple tricks like letting them dry naturally and storing them tidily will prolong their lifespan. 

A tidy closet with sustainable fashion clothes

9. Donate, don’t bin!

If there’s one thing that Brangelina taught us is that even the dreamiest love stories can end. 

Just because you can’t rekindle the spark with a garment, it doesn’t mean that it belongs in the bin.

Sell it online or, even better, give it to charity!

10. Put quality before quantity

It’s easy to fall for the trap of retail therapy, but what’s the point in buying five items that will fall apart after a couple of wearings? 

Instead, choose fewer higher-quality clothes that are actually made to last.

Even better? Versatile garments that you can repurpose with different outfits.

11. Buy from ethical and sustainable fashion brands

Ethical t-shirt

Questioning #WhoMadeMyClothes goes a long way.

The most useful sustainable fashion choice you can make is to vote with your money by supporting brands that produce their clothes ethically.

While it used to be hard to scout for these sustainable companies, on Project Cece you can now find over 400 fair trade brands, using filters to focus on the right garments for you.

Are there any other sustainable fashion choices that you’d like to share with us?

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