How to Create Different Outfits with Fewer Items (& Sustainably)

Giada Nizzoli

How to Create Different Outfits with Fewer Items (& Sustainably)

Did you know you can get 48 outfits out of the same 10 garments? 

Once you’ve learnt how to create different outfits effectively, you can finally unleash your creativity and get the very most out of your wardrobe.

Why is it important to create different outfits with the same garments?

Hanger with a range of clothes that can be used to create different outfits

Learning how to create different outfits with a small number of fashion items will allow you to:

  • Reduce the environmental footprint of your wardrobe
  • Break free from fast fashion’s vicious cycle of always needing to buy new items to feel happy
  • Support more ethical brands by purchasing fewer but higher-quality clothes instead of lots of throwaway pieces
  • Find your own style creatively

And remember: repeat outfits rock

The different daily outfits promoted by fast fashion brands and influencers, on the other hand? They’re not sustainable.

6 tips on how to create different outfits with a limited number of garments

Dungarees and a top to create different outfits

On average, we only use 10% of our entire wardrobe on a regular basis. What a waste, right?!

Learning how to create different outfits will allow you to really make the most of it and discover new combinations.

1. Up your basics game

Don’t worry: we’re not implying that the only way to get more outfits out of a small number of items is to wear simple garments all the time.

However, having a few basics can make a huge difference.

You can easily create different outfits by pairing up a basic item with new colours and patterns.

For example, a plain white t-shirt can be worn with jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts, blazers, dungarees, or even underneath a dress.

So, having some versatile staples (simple, monochrome designs) can help you create different outfits for any occasion.

2. Have a few accent pieces

Basic items are the starting point, but accent pieces are what brings an outfit to life!

They can also make the biggest difference: the same jeans with a patterned blouse or a t-shirt and blazer? Completely different outfits and vibes! 

Ethical blouse

3. Maintain the right balance between monochrome and prints or patterns

So, you’ve got your basics and some accent pieces. Now, be mindful when pairing them up to create different outfits. 

An easy way? Alternate them! 

For example: 

  • a monochrome top, patterned trousers, and monochrome shoes
  • a top with a loud print, monochrome trousers, and patterned shoes

4. Add layers

This is the best way of creating different outfits with the same clothes. Even just one additional layer will translate into a completely different look.

Some key items are dungarees, waistcoats, sleeveless vests, blazers, and denim jackets.

5. Accessorise your outfits

Once you’ve created the right base, you can focus on adding some detail. And, as you’ve heard before, small details make a big difference.

For instance, wearing a dress with a belt will add an entirely different twist to your outfit of the day!

Some accessories you could focus on are… well, belts (duh), jewellery, shoes, tights, bags, hats, scarves, and gloves.

Creative belt to accessorise different fashion outfits

6. Declutter, and be intentional when buying new clothes

Is there anything that doesn’t feel right in your current wardrobe?

We recommend getting rid of garments that:

  • Aren’t comfortable to wear
  • Don’t go with many other pieces
  • Don’t make you feel excited when you choose them

Instead, when buying new garments, prioritise higher-quality and ethical pieces that complement your existing clothes. Psst: you can browse the range of hundreds of sustainable brands on Project Cece.

Now that you’ve learnt how to create different outfits, start receiving our tips and inspiration to make even more ethical fashion choices!

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