Brand: Beflamboyant

When the young, Spanish entrepreneurs Jorge and Tatiana were in their twenties they decided to set up a sneaker brand together: Beflamboyant. Just like with Thomas Edison in the XIX century: the lamp went on! A product was created from a mix of fashion and sustainability and without the use of animals or animal materials anywhere in the process.

Fair trade: The shoes are ethically produced in Portugal.

Environmentally friendly: The shoes are made from recycled materials and natural materials without harmful substances, and the sneakers are shipped in a jute bag, which can be reused. You will also receive a plantable thank you card, so that you can create new life with your purchase! In short: cruelty-free, sustainable, fair trade and unisex: these are the four leaves of the clover of a product that is committed to the environment and animals, with a very high quality.

Vegan: Beflamboyant is Peta-approved vegan.