7 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Him Beyond the Usual Shower Gel

Giada Nizzoli

7 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Him Beyond the Usual Shower Gel

Let’s spare you from watching your eco-conscious partner or friend fake joy when receiving the umpteenth aftershave and shower gel set wrapped in unrecyclable plastic!

There are actually lots of creative sustainable gifts for him, and you can find a visual overview in our ethical gift guide.

In the meantime, let’s get your inspiration flowing with our all-time favourite sustainable gift ideas for him.

1. Sustainable watch

A vegan leather watch as a sustainable gift idea for him

A watch is always a perfect sustainable gift for him, and particularly for a special someone as he’ll be reminded of you whenever he checks the time, but… a sustainable watch? That’s double brownie points for you!

Votch has especially got a wide range of models made with vegan alternatives and even… pineapple leather.

Definitely a memorable gift, right?!

2. Ethical belt

Sustainable gift idea for him made with recycled rubberAnother practical sustainable gift for him is obviously a stylish and practical belt, but not just any belt: one that matches his preferred definition of ‘ethical’.

From casual designs to the most elegant models, you can find a varied range of belts on Project Cece, including models made with vegan leather or recycled materials.

For example, how about this Paguro Upcycle creation involving inner tubes from tyres?

3. Vegan beanie

Vegan beanie

Iconic beanies can be the cherry on top of several different outfits, making them eye-catching and memorable. 

Monochrome pieces are particularly versatile: a perfect sustainable gift idea for him if he enjoys repurposing his favourite items to create new outfits.

Involving organic cotton or recycled materials, you can find vegan beanies in all kinds of colours.

4. Statement t-shirt

Sustainable t-shirts

As long as you know his clothing size, you can consider a t-shirt, too. And why not one that encapsulates his personality, hobbies, or passions?

From t-shirts celebrating a plant-based lifestyle to those with unique prints, on Project Cece you’re spoiled with choice.

5. Ethical boxers

Ethical boxers as a sustainable gift idea for him

Enough with boxers made of plastic-derived polyester or traditional cotton loaded with pesticides! 

Underwear should be comfortable but also safe for the skin as well as eco-friendly, so why not choose a pair of boxers that includes a cool pattern and is also sustainable?

6. Home accessories

Portable water bottle

You could even choose a sustainable gift for him that helps him move towards the next eco-friendly swap at home.

For example, an upcycled bottle opener, organic cotton napkins, or practical kitchen towels.

If the birthday guy commutes or is often in a rush, a great sustainable gift idea for him would be something that allows him to enjoy his morning coffee or a drink on the go, such as a reusable water bottle, coffee cup, or straw.

7. Gift sets & packs

Gift set for him

And, if you really can’t settle for a single item, a stunning set full of things they’ll love will certainly become their favourite present.

Whether that’s everything they need to set a table for two or a watch gift set, you’re guaranteed to find the right one for him on Project Cece.

Be sure to bookmark our guide to sustainable gifts for him (we also have lots of ideas for her!), and don’t forget that these are just as perfect as unisex presents, too.

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