8 Best Ethical T-Shirts for Men Who Care About the Planet

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8 Best Ethical T-Shirts for Men Who Care About the Planet

Finding the right sustainable and ethical t-shirts for men can be hard since they’re scattered across lots of different little shops. Plus, are they actually as eco-friendly as the company claims on their greenwashed website or do they hide a shady supply chain?

Don’t worry: we’re here to help! On Project Cece you can browse the collections of over 200 fair trade brands in one place. 

Finding the perfect ethical t-shirts for eco-conscious gentlemen like you has never been easier, but let’s start with our absolute favourites!

1. Herbivore - Fitted Vegan T-Shirt for Men - By Monkey

Herbivore - Fitted vegan t-shirt for men

Are you part of the vegan squad? Wear your heart on your sleeve by choosing a sustainable t-shirt that showcases your ethos.

This company has been working hard to reduce their carbon footprint and we think they’ve done pretty well since one of their sustainable t-shirts saves around 7 kg compared to standard productions.

It goes without saying that it’s also 100% vegan (or herbivore).

2. Stockholm Plastic Sustainable T-Shirt - Klow

Stockholm Plastic sustainable t-shirt

Are you after an ethical t-shirt for men that can sensibilise people on the plastic crisis and inspire them to take action? No better way than to combine it with a pop culture reference that they’ll instantly recognise!

This GOTS certified organic cotton t-shirt homaging the iconic Jaws poster is undoubtedly one of the most attention-grabbing designs.

3. Chiller Tee: Hosta - No Nasties

Chiller Tee Hosta Ethical t-shirt for men

If you were looking for a colourful ethical men's t-shirt, this relaxed and incredibly comfortable copper design could be what’s missing from your sustainable wardrobe.

It’s made of GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton, is entirely vegan, and your purchase will result in the planting of a new tree.

4. Yoga Tee Moksha Blue Space - Renegade Guru

Yoga Tee Moksha Organic cotton t-shirt for men

This organic cotton t-shirt is a beautiful compromise for those who’re looking for a stylish design but also a comfortable wear for yoga or sport.

We bet you’ll never get tired of it but, should you want to revamp your wardrobe in a few years, you can return it for a 20% discount on your next purchase. This company will make sure it’s sold second-hand or recycled to avoid waste.

5. TWYN – Unisex Shirt “Ocean” - Be Free

TWYN – Unisex Shirt “ocean”

While this fair trade company specialises in shoes, they’ve actually surprised us with this stunning organic cotton t-shirt.

Their ‘take what you need’ leaflet design is certainly eye-catching and inspiring.

6. Penguin Ethical Men's T-Shirt - More Green Times

Penguin Ethical men's t-shirt

Animal lover? This PETA approved organic cotton t-shirt features distinctive artwork and it will be shipped in plastic-free packaging. 

In the rare event that you don’t love penguins (are you feeling alright?), you can find lots of other animals in their collection

7. Cotton jersey men's t-shirt - Dark blue - Studio Jux

Cotton jersey men's t-shirt - Dark blue

Are you a minimalist at heart? Then we bet you can’t resist the versatility and charm of timeless monochrome garments!

You also have many more colours to choose from in the range of this sustainable, award-winning company.

8. 3 Pack Mens T-Shirts - Nooboo

3 Pack mens t-shirts

One of the ideas behind sustainable and capsule wardrobes is to choose fewer versatile garments that you can use to create lots of different outfits. 

Well, how does a pack of three essential tees sound? You can choose the colours yourself. You can go for a classic, white, grey black, or go for more something more colourful, like blue, green and red.

These shirts are made of sustainable bamboo and GOTS certified organic cotton. The are packed plastic free.


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