Best Sustainable Jewellery Brands for an Eco-Conscious Glow

Giada Nizzoli

Best Sustainable Jewellery Brands for an Eco-Conscious Glow

Add a precious sparkle to your outfits whilst making a difference for the planet!

Unlike less ethical alternatives, the best sustainable jewellery brands take their workers and the environment into account when designing and producing their collections.

What does sustainable mean in jewellery?

In jewellery, ‘sustainable’ usually means that a brand is transparent regarding its supply chain, minimises its impact on the environment, and guarantees fair wages and safe working conditions.

However, this can be hard to achieve in practice because jewellery lacks transparency compared to other industries.

The elephant in the room (or, better, in the tunnel)?


Gold mine

When it’s not regulated and approached from an ethical perspective, it can lead to contaminated water, injured workers, destroyed environments, and even displaced communities.

To put things into perspective, an average gold ring generates over 20 tons of waste.

So, to reduce the impact behind their collections, some of the most sustainable jewellery brands:

  • demand transparency from their supply chain partners
  • use recycled gold or sustainably sourced materials whenever possible
  • visit their factories and workshops regularly

7 of the best sustainable jewellery brands

Let’s find the new jewel in your wardrobe’s crown.

1. Mejuri - fine jewellery you can wear every day

Sustainable necklace by Mejuri

This ethically sourced gold jewellery brand spoils you with a huge range.

Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets… Their hundreds of designs are eye-catching but versatile enough to be worn for both special occasions and with everyday outfits.

This brand is extremely transparent and uses recycled gold whenever possible.

2. Julia Otilia - nature-inspired sustainable jewellery brand

Ethical ring by Julia Otilia

Leaves, blossoms, and feathers: this ethical jewellery range is inspired by the finest details in nature.

Made with love in Bali and Utrecht, all Julia Otilia pieces are created under fair working conditions and with an eye for the environment.

They also include many recycled materials.

3. Alohas - affordable sustainable jewellery

Ethical bracelet by Alohas

Although it doesn’t focus on jewellery alone, Alohas offers an inspiring range of fairly budget-friendly and versatile pieces.

To fight overproduction, they rely on a pre-order system, and they prioritise vegan and sustainable materials.

4. Paguro - best recycled jewellery brand

Upcycled jewellery piece

Fancy some sustainable jewellery pieces that are literally one of a kind? 

Paguro uses reclaimed and repurposed materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or be incinerated. Not only does this reduce waste (bonus eco-friendly points!), but it also translates into exceptionally creative and attention-grabbing pieces.

This affordable ethical jewellery brand is fairtrade and PETA-approved.

5. Loft and Daughter - ethical jewellery brand with a cause

Sustainable jewellery pieces

WFTO and GOTS-certified, this vegan jewellery is handmade by vulnerable or displaced artisans in Jaipur, India.

The workshop runs on solar energy, and this sustainable jewellery brand uses plenty of recycled materials.

As for styles, you can find both versatile pieces and colourful designs that are guaranteed to become a conversation starter.

6. Bound Studios - vegan, local, and women-run 

Ethical earrings

Founded by a passionate single mother with her own sense of style, this ethical jewellery brand makes all its pieces in Europe. 

Bound Studios uses recycled sterling silver as well as recycled paper and organic cotton for bags and packaging. It also plants two trees with each order.

7. Solitude the Label - recycled gold jewellery brand

Sustainable jewellery by Solitude the Label

This Amsterdam-based brand was started by two sisters who put sustainability at the heart of their production.

99% of it involves recycled gold and silver, and all packaging is plastic-free.

Solitude the Label offers a particularly wide range of rings and necklaces but includes some beautiful earrings and bracelets, too.

You can find even more sustainable jewellery brands on Project Cece. As a search engine for ethical fashion and accessories, we’re basically a gold mine of eco-friendly pieces (we couldn’t help it).

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