6 OMbelievably Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands: Inspo & Tips

Giada Nizzoli

6 OMbelievably Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands: Inspo & Tips

Yoga makes you feel in harmony with your body and mind. Practicing it whilst wearing sustainable yoga clothes? You’ll feel more connected with your ethos and eco-conscious spirit, too.

But no, that fast fashion yoga set is not the answer, even if it says “cotton” on the label.

Here’s why—and what you should look for instead.

What are sustainable yoga clothes made of?

Woman practicing yoga

Fast fashion yoga clothes are usually made with the worst fabrics for the planet: conventionally grown cotton—which, despite being natural, has a terrible environmental footprint—and synthetic materials. 

Instead, the best sustainable yoga clothing brands have found different ways of making their collections more ethical and eco-friendly.

This can involve:

There’s more to it, though! 

As well as using more eco-friendly fabrics, ethical yoga clothing brands tend to guarantee fair working conditions, have a greener supply chain overall, and often donate to charity.

So, by choosing to support them, you’d make an even bigger difference, both for the planet and the workers who make these clothes.

6 best sustainable yoga clothing brands for greener sessions

Here are some of the most inspiring ethical companies with a sustainable yoga wear range.

1. Himal Natural Fibres - natural yoga clothing and accessories

Hemp yoga clothes

As the name suggests, this ethical yoga clothing brand prioritises natural fabrics like hemp, nettle, and organic cotton

It also incorporates innovative and creative options like pineapple-based leather or corozo buttons made from plant seeds.

These sustainable yoga clothes are made in Nepal under fair working conditions. Himal Natural Fibres doesn’t use any plastic in its products and packaging either.

Oh, and did we mention they have a practical range of sustainable yoga mats, too?

2. Urban Goddess - versatile organic yoga clothing

Consumer wearing ethical yoga clothing

This brand offers a charming range of eco yoga clothing that fits well and can easily be worn as athleisure wear, too: comfy, stylish, and organic.

Made in Turkey under fair working conditions, their range consists of GOTS-certified cotton and bamboo. It’s also vegan and PETA-approved.

As if that weren’t impressive enough, Urban Goddess allows you to make your fashion more circular, too: you can return your old yoga clothes in exchange for a juicy discount. Instead of ending up in the bin, they’ll be donated to charity, reused, or recycled.

3. Renegade Guru - best sustainable yoga clothing for men

Consumer wearing sustainable yoga clothes for men

This brand was created by the awesome team behind Urban Goddess.

So, you can expect the same focus on GOTS-certified organic cotton, fair working conditions, and circularity.

The main difference? Renegade Guru specialises in ethical yoga clothing for men.

4. Ruby Moon - ethical yoga clothes for a good cause

Woman exercising by the sea whilst wearing sustainable yoga clothing

This swimming and sports brand offers a small but versatile range of garments that are perfect as sustainable yoga clothes, too.

They’re mostly made with Econyl (recycled nylon) and they’re OEKOTEX-certified, meaning there’s no hazardous substances involved.

We also love how Ruby Moon supports women in developing countries by donating 100% of their net profit to micro-loans that help them invest in their own future.

5. Audella Athleisure - wide range of sustainable yoga clothing

A set of colourful yoga clothing

This athleisure and sustainable yoga clothing brand offers a large range of neutral, monochrome, and more patterned pieces.

They’re made in South Africa, using locally sourced cotton whenever possible. 

Audella Athleisure is always working to reduce their environmental footprint in new ways, too. For example, they’re incorporating biodegradable nylon and trying to replace traditional synthetic fabrics with recycled options.

6. chaYkra - best organic yoga clothing in the UK

Yoga enthusiast wearing sustainable yoga clothing

This sustainable yoga clothing brand is an inspiring East-meets-West fusion.

Their clothes are made in India under fair working conditions, and chaYkra is both vegan and GOTS-certified, relying on organic cotton for most of their items.

As well as sustainable yoga leggings and tops, its range includes accessories like meditation bracelets and yoga bags.

Finding more ethical yoga clothes on Project Cece

Most sports or athleisure brands tend to have a selection of items that are perfect as sustainable workout clothes for your yoga sessions, too.

But where and how can you find them?

Easy: right here on Project Cece!

We brought hundreds of fairtrade brands in one place and added filters to help you narrow down your choices. 

From materials to certifications and more, use them to focus on what matches both your style and ethos. Browse our sportswear section to find even more sustainable yoga clothing and brands

There are so many more options beyond the usual fast fashion clothes!

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