Pistacia Knit Jumper from Superstainable
Pistacia Knit Jumper from Superstainable
Pistacia Knit Jumper from Superstainable
Pistacia Knit Jumper from Superstainable
Pistacia Knit Jumper from Superstainable

Pistacia Knit Jumper

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  • FAT
  • MIL
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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • SUPLC Good Cause
  • MIL Eco-Friendly

Short description

Technical Information

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Mulesing free
  • Fitted shape
  • Rounded o-neck
  • Odor resistant
  • Moist Absorbation
  • 19,5 mikron

About the product

The Pistacia Knit Jumper is made from 100% mulesing-free organic merino wool under the best social standards and is a premium product for the cold and windy days, where you want to stay perfectly body temperated.

The premium wool used for this product makes it genuinely soft and absolutely non-scratchy.

Source: Superstainable

Wool has a massive carbon emission impact in the productional fase compared to cotton. But, when the product is made it will catch up in the consumer fase, since wool needs less washing.

This knitted item has a total weight of 1000 gr which corresponds to 20 kg CO2e equivalent to driving 21,92 km in your gasoline car to work.

About the brand

Superstainable® is a Danish label with essential outdoor items, made with respect for people and the environment. Supersustainable makes well-considered choices in the context of sustainability. For example, they consciously choose not to produce the end product in Europe, because all materials come locally from Turkey and China. Emissions would increase by 70% if they opted for production in Europe.

Fair trade: The items are made fair trade in Turkey and China in factories with a GOTS, Oeko-Tex and SA8000 certificate, a leading certificate when it comes to social production. The factories are also affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation, which monitors fair working conditions.

Environmentally friendly: The clothing is made from GOTS certified organic cotton or recycled materials and Supersustainable also uses small amounts of non-mulesing, organic wool.

Good cause: Supersustainable supports the charities Plastic Change, EcoTree International and WILD Nature Foundation.

Practical information:

Shipping fee: Free for orders over € 100.

Delivery time: 3-10 business days.

Address: No physical store.

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